Masturbation. It’s one of those things almost everyone does but no one likes to talk about. (We’re the exception, obv.)

This kind of self-care can boost your mental and physical health, which is why we love it. While we’re not knocking bubbly bath bombs or cozy socks, there’s nothing wrong with making your self-care a little more intimate. Curious? Let’s talk masturbation perks.

It’s NBD. Really.

Before we dive into the health benefits, let’s get one thing out of the way: masturbation is a totally normal, healthy thing, and everyone should be doing it. Often. “I like to refer to it [on the same level of importance] as eating, sleeping, and brushing our teeth, Kelley Kitley, L.C.S.W., told SELF. A women’s mental health expert based in Chicago, Kitley says masturbation is a totally normal function of our bodies—no need for shame or embarrassment.

Stress Begone

Had a looong day? Treat yourself to a little “me time” (may we suggest an easy-to-hold wand vibrator?) and enjoy as your cares and worries melt away. Besides feeling absolutely amazing, masturbating can be so relaxing that it actually helps some people fall asleep (after the big “O” of course)! “It’s great to do right before bed, in the bath, or during other relaxing nighttime rituals,” Kitely told SELF. “It naturally just puts people in a meditative state.”

Hello, Confidence

Exploring your body and your pleasure is essential to figuring out what does (and doesn’t!) work for you in the bedroom. Knowledge of your own body builds confidence and empowers you to communicate your desires clearly to a partner. It also cultivates good mojo with yourself, which you transfer to the rest of the world, clinical sexologist Dr. Tanginika Cuascud told Cosmopolitan. “Confidence is the most potent aphrodisiac,” Dr. Cuascud says.

Natural High

As Elle Woods famously said, “Endorphins make you happy!” Lucky for us, exercise isn’t the only thing that releases these feel-good hormones in your brain. Spoiler alert: orgasms do the same thing (and they don’t require a gym membership). Endorphins “lift your spirit, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain,” clinical sexologist Dr. Gloria Brame told Redbook. “In other words, it’s nature’s own antidepressant.” I’ll have what she’s having!

If you weren’t masturbating before, we hope we’ve gotten your mind racing with the oh-so-amazing possibilities. Let’s face it, there’s SO many reasons to go ahead and just get it on…with yourself! Need some more inspo? Check out our guide to female masturbation for beginners!