This Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other with romantic gifts from the heart! (And at the end of the day, that’s what this holiday is all about!) Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with three meaningful gifts that don’t come from a store.

DIY Coupons
Make a stack of flirtatious favors that your partner can redeem at any time (with your consent, of course!). Treat them to a full-body sensual massage using a special massage oil infused with botanicals known to help ignite desire (talk about amazing foreplay!) or give them a coupon redeemable for fluffy pancakes served in bed (clothing optional)! Need more coupon inspiration? Check out Hot Date Night, a card game for couples packed with sexy suggestions ranging from hot to hottest!

Me Day
Starting from their morning alarm, choose one day that revolves entirely around your partner. Have their coffee waiting for them when they leave for work, sneak a love note in their lunch, prepare their favorite meal for dinner, and let them pick out what movie to watch on Netflix. When the day comes to an end, make the night all about them, too! Act out a role play fantasy they’ve always wanted to try or put on a show in your sexy lingerie. Who wants to unwrap a box of chocolate when they can unwrap you?

Me + You Mixtape
Making the one you love a playlist is a sentimental gesture that’s as old as time. Why is it such a classic? It works! There’s nothing more romantic than knowing that the one you love knows what you love. Make a playlist of their favorite songs, find songs you think they’d love, or compile the best love songs that remind you of them! Need some inspo? Check out our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist that they’re sure to fall in love with!